Sonic Runners Adventure App Reviews

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Make more levels!!!

Love this game.

Sonic Runners

I like it it’s awesome

Any updates?!

Any updates?!

The real adventure

Its graphics are spot on it has challenging levels and its like Mario run but better

Needs cloud support

The game needs the ability to have cloud support. So I won’t be playing the game at different points between iPhone & iPad. Also so I won’t lose my progress in the game. (As of Sept 2018), this game has not received a single update since it’s been released.

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It’s a pretty fun game

It’s a pretty good game but when I purchased it, it charged me 8 dollars instead of the I think it was supposed to be 3 that’s an outrage. But like I said it is a pretty well put together game

I hate this game

You gay

I prefer the original Sonic Runners

I thought this Sonic Runners was very interesting. But, in my honest opinion I enjoyed the original Sonic Runners a lot more. If you guys can someone how bring back some of the stuff from the older one back. I will re download

Please add Team Rose

Seriously, where are they? All the other teams from Sonic Heroes are here. We need more playable characters. Their team skill can be whatever you can think of. Amy is speed, Cream is Flight, and Big is Power. DO NOT CHANGE THE TEAM!!!!! Keep it as it was in Sonic Heroes. I’m already angry at Team Sonic Racing replacing Cream with a bunch of Chao, when she HAS A CHAO OF HER OWN!!!!! And while you’re at it. Add more buddies and boosters as well. And special events like in the original Sonic runners. We need this game to last long.

It’s super cool!!

I love this game! The fact you can play as sonic,knuckles,tails and more is so cool!!! 10/10!!

Endless mode

I agree with many others we need a endless mode that will cycle through the different areas plz and thank ya

You should add Team Rose

Amy Rose is speed type,Cream the Rabbit is fly type,and Big the Cat is is power type .I don’t know what skill Team Rose would have,so you decide

Great game

I’ve had for a week now and still love it. It gets harder as go, awesome game.

It’s fun


Not worth the money

I could’ve bought a sandwich with the 3$ I spent on this. It’s not a bad game, just extremely short and simple. All you’re really doing is tapping the screen

Good and bad

Awesome graphics, but what the heck happened to Amy, silver, and blaze Still good , tho.

Good Start Needs Work

The levels are solid and I like the power up system. The controls for the speed characters work well but the flying and power characters need 2 buttons. One just doesn’t work. I’d recommend right tap for jumping and left tap for flying and charging. Also the game needs an update with more modes.


Um it’s good but why not add metal sonic and silver or blaze! So many characters you can add also add ray and mighty!



A sequel inferior to the original, but has its charm

I’ll start off by saying, I loved the original Sonic Runners. The endless 2D runner got challenging without being annoying. The pay to win gimmick was questionable, and there was the god forsaken roulette to get new characters and buddies, but it was overall a great mobile game. It even had its own amazing soundtrack. I this sequel, they did fix some features such as removing the roulette and having a fixed price, but they took the magic out of the endless runner by making it to where there are finite levels, rather than progressing through the story based on how far you got in the endless level. The levels in the game that are infinite have a set goal which ends the level upon completion or if the timer runs out. The game also has no new music, which is a letdown considering the original had an entire original soundtrack. This game also provides very little fan service other than having multiple characters, but even the original had more. This game still has charm as levels can be challenging. This is a good sequel, but it still needs to live up to the original. And provide more fan service, original music, and become a great endless runner like it’s predecessor

Too short

One minute I was rolling around at the speed of sound... but then, after four short worlds it was over, The final boss was exactly like the others And it could have used more playable characters Thank you for reading, take all of this into consideration

It’s a good game but I wish it was like the old days

Right now it’s cool and all but I miss fighting egg man every time and the old character models were better


This ain’t never getin an update

I love the game

The game is awesome I do really cool stuff I hope the game is awesomer by the minute

People who say that this game is the best game is a lie

This game is not fun or entertaining people saying otherwise don't have any taste in games

Feels like the poor man’s version of the old runners but you pay for.

I have no idea why some people say that this is better than the original. I mean on its own it’s ok but it somehow feels like a beta version of the old one with how much it lacks when compared. Over the course of 2 weeks I managed to 100% during my free time and now there is no reason to return to it. There’s no endless mode, not a lot of challenge, and the gameplay is boring. In the old one there where wisps, granted there where not a lot of them, but they would give you fun abilities to use. In this one there is none of that. Also the characters all play the same and feel the same. The only difference is how they look and there abilities. The old at least had characters who played differently. Also team chaotix breaks the games in half when it comes to ring upgrades since you can buy magnets and invincibility. Overall I don’t see a reason why a person should buy this game when a better had already existed and was technically free to play.

Sonic Fever!

Love the game! Very user friendly.


Lol best game ever boi!

This nothing than the original

The original sonic runner is more fun than this. I mean the original one is not as frustrating than you version. Oh come on man, collecting stars, seriously. It is more than minion rush than sonic runners. Plus the spring board glitch. I can not get level 32 with knuckles and close to being useless. I have collect 850 rings and I get close to it. How I suppose to collect 850 rings 4 laps. How to collected them, if so many of them are missing. Do you even know to alpha test them. Why you just copy the original. Look at the original. It is not as frustrating than yours. Do I have to think for it !!!? I prefer the original sonic runner than the new version. I sorry to say this, but you just ruin sonic runner.

Good game


Best game ever

This so far is the best game I’ve ever played but it looks short

The 2,99 game

Is so cooolllll I wanted that game so much so I got it woohoooo!!!!!!


A great Sonic remake of the original!! Great graphics and controls!! Must get 😃👍🏼😎

Awesome 😎

Sonic runners is cool but VECTOR can’t jump high on the ⭐️ post Sega plz fix

It’s ok

I like the game Sonic Runners adventure but my problem is the character models look kind of fake and there’s not really much else I have for rent other than the stories kind of bland but if you’ve been a long time sonic fan midmorning a new experience on mobile devices this is a game for you


This was a great app but it’s hard

Enjoying it with my 4yr old!

Enjoyed Sonic as a child in the early 90’s and passing the torch down to my daughter. Keep up the good work and always improving! Thanks! 🎮👸🏻🤴🏻


It’s a good and it has a story to it


Fun game. If you buy it you will play for hrs

This one and the other

I love this game, but I also miss the one... :(


There is no way to access any menu systems. The game forces you to tap “play” to play a level and disables everything else.

Sonics turn

It’s cool but it’s not nearly as fun or well-designed as Mario. The graphics are what you would expect level design can feel repetitive and boring and the sense of high speed just doesn’t seem to be there. I also feel the touch response just wasn’t as quick as it should be... this is sonic the hedgehog they got em running as fast as The Mario run crew. It’s a buck worthy game not 2.99 though and it definitely has future potential so the beef is back on at least on the mobile front but so far you know who holds the most gold.

Its great

I love sonic all my life its a good game pretty much👍👍👍👍👍

More content

I don’t want to sound off as needy, but hopefully in the future there will be more characters to play as and the story line is extended. Just saying.

Sonic runners is a mind blowing adventure out of this wold 😮

Never in mi life as a sega saw a game like this sega and sonic team ones more you hit a home run congratulation you guys and sonic rule

New Updates

I think you should keep this game going. It was a challenge but I got all 144 stars and all trophies, and I think you should ad new levels and new bosses. If you do that will give you something to do if your going somewhere or someplace. This game is PERFECTION

Been a sonic fan since I was a little girl

Every since Sega Genesis sonic has always been the best game I got my two children into sonic and they love it


I completely completed the whole game in less than one day. I thought you were better than this

Time killa

I don’t see anything wrong with it.

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