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This is incredible

Best game on the App Store

Laggy as hell, pauses at random times.

Awesome game overall, but the game keeps pausing mid-run all by itself and throws my run completely off. Not just once. It happens multiple times a run. Always at the worst time ever. Mid jump or before cliffs or spikes or enemies. Insanely aggravating. Also getting really tired of the fact that I keep running into spikes and enemies and off cliffs because jumping is spotty. Sometimes it’s right on point, and other times it’s delayed or flat out won’t register my touch, and I run right off a cliff. A little ridiculous for a paid game...

Poor gameplay

The screen moves by so fast that I can’t really tell what’s going on. It’s not worth the $3 I paid and is a disservice to the original game.

Needs more levels for $3

Took me a few days to beat with all stars in the bank. Fun enough game to play but once you’re done with the 4 short worlds...that’s it. Kind of a rip off for an app you have to pay for.


Fun, fun, FUNNNN!


I want the real sonic runners back

Gameplay is great but...

I did not pay $3 to listen to Green Hill zone. The music of the original Sonic Runners was so freaking amazing and I was excited to hear the menu theme make it into this game. But PLEEEEASE Sega get it through your heads we are tired of Green Hill at the start of ever game. I have heard Green Hill’s theme in so many games and I’m tired of it. I can’t rate lower than 3 stars because the gameplay is both solid and fun. I am struggling however to complete the first world cause I’m so sick of Green Hill’s theme by now.

Fun but no momentum

Sonic the hedgehog has always been about speed and gaining momentum but this game lacks that sure does have its moments where it's going fast but they're normally killed by the fact that you don't carry your momentum from things like springs or the cannons that should not be a mechanic in a sonic game still though it is fun

Needs Super Sonic

Hello Sonic Team! It will be really cool if you can add Super Sonic to the game, just like Sonic Runners! Thank You!

Short game

This game is great but it is so short

It’s OK

It’s OK. It’s not the best and after awhile it will just be a app on your phone☹️

Speed is so fast

It can be slowly...

A joy to play!

This game has very much improve from the previous game “Sonic Runners” when it released back in 2015. Now this game feels very fun to play, easy to get addicted and a great way to pass the time!


So enjoy it

The game is good

Ok so I just started playing this game and it’s good even though I loved sonic runners and I love sonic forces speed battle but sonic runners adventure is good For everyone so ya thanks gameloft for the game and thanks sega for sonic the hedgehog

Too simple, but LOVE the Adventure 2 Battle references

The game isn’t bad, it’s just not as great as it could be. The “story” is almost non-existent (after each arbitrary level is some dialogue. Ooo wow) and everything reeks of Mario Run in its appeal to simplicity (particularly in controls, which granted makes it easy to pick up but gets tedious and brain-melting rapidly). I especially hate how, several times per level, you completely lose control of the character so you can say “ Oh wow!” as “you” run through some loop or grind a rail (i.e. anything you can’t do with just a tap). Overall, it’s just another Flappy Birds-esque game consisting solely of “precision” taps and designed to make people stupid. Even Cube Runner (literally like the first iPhone game ever) was better than this in terms of gameplay, which at least had the brains to use the accelerometer for its controls. Now, I was gonna rate this two (or maybe even one) stars, but this game does have a few little things that I absolutely love. Good graphics and normal-looking Sonic & co. aside (btw I LOATHE the weird Sonic Boom characters they’ve been pushin lately), I love that they brought back some of the Chao from Sonic Adventure 2 (which is pretty much my favorite game ever, and I still don’t understand why Sega can’t just port it over to iPhone. Graphics that old are chump-change compared to what phones can do now). Likewise, worth at least a whole star on its own is the mission complete sound effect. I practically screamed with joy upon hearing that legendary sound of satisfaction from the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Just because of that, I’m going with 3 Stars despite how pathetic the rest of the game is.

Calling all Sonic Fans!

This Game is amazing! Most games on the App Store are just cash grabs but this is the EXACT opposite of just a cash grab, this is a full game filled with charm and fun gameplay. Don’t let the game’s description fool you, there are WAY more characters than just Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, there is also Shadow, Omega, Team Chaotics, and many more! (P.S. Sorry if I spelled Team Chaotics wrong) This feels like more than a mobile game but a bit less than a console game, it is super fun and if you love Sonic the Hedgehog than this is an absolute MUST HAVE app.

It’s good

Ye it’s worth the 2 quid....

More Please

I loved this game. Even though I completed it already, I keep coming back to just to kill some time. I’m just hoping that new worlds/levels are added to extend the longevity of this game.

Awesome game

This game gets better as you go and the stages gets even more challenging. A little old with a new style with it

This is AWESOME!!!!!

This game is ridiculously fun to play, can’t stop playing one more lvl!!!!!! Add more characters like Silver or Blaze or even team Rose with different abilities to unlock such as Shadows chaos control or Sonics whirlwind spin. Great game!!! Nice graphics, and I get to play with my favorite characters from Sonic.

Enjoyable, but lacks content

This game is a lot of fun while it lasts. Sadly, once the story is over it gives you little reason to come back. What's needed most is a truly endless mode like the original Runners had. I'd also like to see continued updates containing new characters and buddies. Unfortunately, I don't believe we've heard anything from the developer confirming any updates at all. Regardless, I still enjoyed it for a good while.

Better than expected

To be honest, I had my doubts when I bought this game at first. I was scared that it wasn’t going to live up to my hopes, but I was wrong! This game is pretty fun, easy to learn, and can get really fast and really hard! I only wish for more levels, but will be happy either way. This is one of my top mobile games so far!

Too fast

The computer takes over during the parts that look the most fun.

New mode?

Add a new, infinite mode where you continually build up Speed, and getting hit resets your speed back to zero. Great game 8/8 it’s gr8 m8

I’ll like to see more content added to this game

This game is awesome, this game is just like the original Sonic Runners but different. It’s been a month since this game came out, and it’s been getting good reviews. I’ll like to see more content added to this game such as, new characters, new stages, and new companions. It will be kind of disappointing if Gameloft doesn’t add any new content for this game.

Never was a fan

Now i am

Great Sequel

Sadly, the free Sonic Runners is no longer available, and I thought this one would be worse since it was 3.99, but was I wrong! Its great!


Not enough despacito

Needs cloud support

The game needs the ability to have cloud support. So I won’t be playing the game at different points between iPhone & iPad. Also so I won’t lose my progress in the game.

My review😎

This is a great game!!!!!!!! Play if you like action. Just watch out for Eggman!🤭 OK! No more spoilers.🤫 I hope yo enjoy is as much as I did! My rating:🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

I miss the shell shading

Hope this game keeps getting updated

Great but...

It’s a great app, but please add an update that has an endless runner, more levels, more characters to play as, more villains to fight in boss battles, and a story mode that involves collecting all chaos emeralds.

Get this game if you want a good, fast-paced runner.

So far, I really like this game. It’s fluid and the mid-stage animations are pretty cool (each one is different). Some cons are that it’s not as fast as it says it is. The first game really made me feel like Sonic was going super fast. It also just had a certain aesthetic to it which made me think of Sonic Runners. The art style mostly differs from the first game and makes it so you can tell them apart. The gameplay is the same old 2D endless runner type thing (although it’s not endless, there are levels), it’s fun; it’s what you’d expect from a Sonic game, which is impressive considering it was most likely developed by Gameloft. There aren’t a lot of unlockables that I’ve seen yet, but the game came out fairly recently. I’m looking forward to future events and updates for new characters, cosmetics and buddies like the last game... RIP SONIC RUNNERS 1 😪😭😢

Mediocre sonic game?

Look I really like sonic it’s just the developers hit you with that oh iconic locations on the preview but it’s not iconic the only iconic locations are green hill and sky sanctuary.and if you think that’s bad take a look at how automated this game is and I mean I know it’s just a phone game but it’s kind of lame heck Games like Sonic Dash,Sonic Dash 2,and Sonic Forces speed battle are way better games than this one and guess what notice how all of them are high speed 3d titles that incorporate the boost formula this game however doesn’t and people have the nerve to say that sonic forces for consuls is one of the most automated sonic games ever made yet this game literally has segments that take control away from the player and basically act as a cutscene and the fact that this game has just as many stages if not more than sonic forces for consuls and they are almost as short as the ones for sonic forces for consuls. Anyway that was my lengthy rant but hey that’s just my opinion.

Fun! Great! But the Grafix...

I saw the preorder offer while playing another great Gameloft Game, Asphalt 8, and I was excited! And I was not disappointed! This game is really fun, and I'd recommend this to anyone who played the original. It has a story and a lot of characters. The only issue I have with this is that the Graphics could be better, and I think it'd be cool if you could swipe down to roll on the ground to defeat enemies. Other than that, this game is a solid 10. 👍

Good, but the later levels are really hard.

I rate this some stars

Great game

Very entertaining and relaxing gameplay.

Almost like the old one

It's no longer and endless runner like the original sonic runners, so having the experience forcefuly end after certain criteria is met at the end of every level is upsetting. But it still keeps the spirit of the first game and for that it's still a lot of fun

Please read

Ok now i was a big fan of the first sonic runners. I loved the levels, the great selection of buddies and characters, the modes etc.. when they announced the closure of the first game a got depressed because i only got to play it for 2 months. But when i found out that a new sonic runners game was coming out i literally freaked out. And being honest i expected it to be free but no...(that doesn’t matter anymore) and i expected a lot of characters, buddies and infinite levels(levels that do not end when completing goals) also a leaderboard. I know that the levels are not randomly generated because its an offline game and that feature was my top wish that happens to sonic runners and thank you for that. The thing is that i have some suggestions. First, you could add more characters, buddies and LEVELS of course. You could also add an endless mode by all means that works offline “have some map layouts saved for endless mode that changes randomly as the race progresses so that endless layouts are not the same”that is one of my top wishes now. And finally, some elements of the first one. Thats all i have in mind. But out of that its well made. Please read this


First game I have bought, and could not ask for more. Good controls, graphics, story, the list goes on...


Worth the money eskeeetit

Fun enough.

It's a good game. Good enough, at least. I like it, but it's nothing too special.


Literally full of jank. How you expect people to 3 star the whole game if when you follow the flow of the stages you still manage to get hit. Doesn’t make any sense. I want my money back 🤦🏾‍♂️

Awesome fun Sonic game

It’s a great sonic the hedgehog game it’s worth the money it might be a little expensive for an app game

takes awhile to get used to

it is a pretty short game

A little too short

This is an AMAZING game.The original was better,but you cannot deny this is good.I'm disappointed that this was a little short,and there isn't anything else to do,except try to get the stars and stuff. I've decided to refund this game,even if I miss out on events. Thanks,anyway. EDIT:Turns out I can't refund this for some reason.Figures.May as well keep it.


Love the game but graphics aren’t their best


The game is solid, fun, and enjoyable if you hadn’t played the original. However, after finishing the game, I looked back and realized how the previous Runners was a million times better. It had better graphics, replay value, and different limited events and characters to keep people coming back. It was a global community, to challenge yourself and try to reach the highest score possible. Sonic Runners Adventure feels like a shorter, more restricted version, with only nine characters, 11 buddies (which only 4 are really useful), and 47 stages. Not much for a $3 game! If more content is added, or an infinite run for high scores, I will give a higher rating.

Hoping for updates.

I LOVED the original. Maybe a little too much. I like that this one is a little more simple and doesn't make spend a crazy amount of money just to maybe unlock a new character. Just wish they would stop with the stupid slow pace character animation. Also hoping for a few more levels and character roster. Aside from that I'm good, especially now that I don't have to be tied to the internet to play.

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