Sonic Runners Adventure App Reviews

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Sonic Fever!

Love the game! Very user friendly.


Lol best game ever boi!

This nothing than the original

The original sonic runner is more fun than this. I mean the original one is not as frustrating than you version. Oh come on man, collecting stars, seriously. It is more than minion rush than sonic runners. Plus the spring board glitch. I can not get level 32 with knuckles and close to being useless. I have collect 850 rings and I get close to it. How I suppose to collect 850 rings 4 laps. How to collected them, if so many of them are missing. Do you even know to alpha test them. Why you just copy the original. Look at the original. It is not as frustrating than yours. Do I have to think for it !!!? I prefer the original sonic runner than the new version. I sorry to say this, but you just ruin sonic runner.

Good game


Awesome sonic fan

Oh my gosh! At first when I downloaded this, it said it needed WiFi. I thought that was weird because I payed 3 bucks for this. But then it said you didn’t need WiFi, I love this game! I have recently beat “sonic and the black knight” , “sonic colors” and “sonic and the secret rings” which at first thought sonic and the secret rings was gonna be like sonic 06. But it was good! I love sonic and if you are a sonic fan, play the games I listed in this review and download this now!!!! It is awesome for a sonic fan😎

Best game ever

This so far is the best game I’ve ever played but it looks short

The 2,99 game

Is so cooolllll I wanted that game so much so I got it woohoooo!!!!!!


A great Sonic remake of the original!! Great graphics and controls!! Must get 😃👍🏼😎

Awesome 😎

Sonic runners is cool but VECTOR can’t jump high on the ⭐️ post Sega plz fix

It’s ok

I like the game Sonic Runners adventure but my problem is the character models look kind of fake and there’s not really much else I have for rent other than the stories kind of bland but if you’ve been a long time sonic fan midmorning a new experience on mobile devices this is a game for you


This was a great app but it’s hard

Enjoying it with my 4yr old!

Enjoyed Sonic as a child in the early 90’s and passing the torch down to my daughter. Keep up the good work and always improving! Thanks! 🎮👸🏻🤴🏻


It’s a good and it has a story to it


Fun game. If you buy it you will play for hrs

This one and the other

I love this game, but I also miss the one... :(


There is no way to access any menu systems. The game forces you to tap “play” to play a level and disables everything else.

Sonics turn

It’s cool but it’s not nearly as fun or well-designed as Mario. The graphics are what you would expect level design can feel repetitive and boring and the sense of high speed just doesn’t seem to be there. I also feel the touch response just wasn’t as quick as it should be... this is sonic the hedgehog they got em running as fast as The Mario run crew. It’s a buck worthy game not 2.99 though and it definitely has future potential so the beef is back on at least on the mobile front but so far you know who holds the most gold.

Its great

I love sonic all my life its a good game pretty much👍👍👍👍👍

More content

I don’t want to sound off as needy, but hopefully in the future there will be more characters to play as and the story line is extended. Just saying.

Sonic runners is a mind blowing adventure out of this wold 😮

Never in mi life as a sega saw a game like this sega and sonic team ones more you hit a home run congratulation you guys and sonic rule

New Updates

I think you should keep this game going. It was a challenge but I got all 144 stars and all trophies, and I think you should ad new levels and new bosses. If you do that will give you something to do if your going somewhere or someplace. This game is PERFECTION

Been a sonic fan since I was a little girl

Every since Sega Genesis sonic has always been the best game I got my two children into sonic and they love it


I completely completed the whole game in less than one day. I thought you were better than this

Time killa

I don’t see anything wrong with it.

cloud save request

my old save with everything unlocked was left behind in my old android

Good stuff, but needs to feel like a $3 game.

It's great fun and all, but the level-up curve is steep - I wish I could watch ads for rings, but this is a $3 game, I should be naturally acquiring them throughout the game instead of needing to grind for them. Good revival of the Runners gameplay though.

Good but not fun

The game and graphics are awesome but I still don’t see the reason why you had to make a story I love if you guys would update it or add some new features but no you guys keep listening to those dumb fools that want you change everything but in my opinion you guys should just stick with the boost formula or do something like the classic games were you would come up with new ideas 💡 but I’m just disappointed 😔 so right now I’m not going to be playing sonic games

It’s cute and addicting.

Fast, too. I’m a Tails fan, so I couldn’t say no to getting this game.

Update Broken

For the past week when open the game, I’ve receive a screen stating that an update is required before game play. There’s nothing in the App Store, I’ve delete the app, reinstalled, and still no joy.

I want sonic runners .

I really like sonic runners adventure, but I want to play sonic runners. I have never played it before. I would like to get sonic runners back. If you don’t, can you please but classic sonic in sonic runners adventure.


This game is good, like really good my only complaint is when I finish a stage with 1 second left it lags and it says try again THE FAIL SCREEN that’s all. GREAT GAME

Fun but needs some adjustments

Pros: Clean look, fun gameplay, creative way to update the franchise for mobile. Controls are simple and intuitive. Cons: - Level difficulty needs rebalancing. It gets way too hard too quickly, enough that it becomes way more frustrating than fun. Seriously, some of the levels are truly evil. - The ring-collecting animations where you slide/jump/etc are cool the first time, but when you’re just trying to play through a level and finish a goal, they get tedious! You can’t control your character, can’t see any of your stats or goal progressions, and can’t skip the animation, so you’re forced to just sit there and watch. - Need more ways to spend rings, maybe more ways of upgrading characters? - There aren’t enough levels! Please add more! Too quick of a game finish, feels anticlimactic. - The magnet and invincibility powerup buttons should be easier to quickly activate with your left thumb, maybe they should be placed more prominently in the middle of the left side instead of in the bottom corner.

Best. Mobile. Sonic game.

I first saw this game when it came out, but it was money, so I didn’t get it. I recently got a iTunes card and I bought this game. I’ve only played for a few minutes, and I highly recommend it. It’s a really fun game, has good graphics for a mobile game, and is pretty simple and easy to play. It has a ton of characters and I love it. I highly recommend this game.

Love it but one thing

😃it’s really good I like the levels and backgrounds and the scenarios and the characters there’s so much to like but one thing can you add two more characters like sonic the werehog and amy

Gotta go fast

O my gosh you don’t know how good this game is!


This is a wonderful game

Hugely lacking in content

This game is fun while it lasts. Sadly, once the story is over it gives you little reason to come back. It takes only one day to 100% the game. There isn't even an endless mode. The developer has shown no signs of ever updating the game with more content. I would much rather see the original Sonic Runners return. Please either continue to update the game so it rivals the original Runners in content, or simply bring back the original. Sadly, the likelihood of either happening it's seemingly very low.


Love this game!!! Please upload more levels!!

I want my money Back!!

I do my homework for five months straight without missing a assignment and read an hour a day of my gigantic book to earn my gift card and then when I actually use it I end up with this ? Yeah sure it has good graphics but it shows you skill and makes you do like the hardest obstacle course without even teaching you how to use the skill correctly so I don’t care how you do it I don’t care what you or what you say I want my 3 dollars back


This game isn’t offensively bad, but not great either. The gameplay is a little bit repetitive and the jumps are delayed. It’s honestly not doing the franchise any better. However, it is fun, so I’ll give it that

Best sonic game

Been playing sonic games since 1994 and this is the best one since sonic adventure 2 battle

2.5D Casual Fun for Sonic Fans

I removed Mr. Crab on my phone to make room for this, so you know it's something special ! It is like a sequel to the Genesis classics. It has a lot of levels and achievements without the burden of In App Purchases to hold it back. Also, top kudos to Gameloft for including hand-made "finite" levels. Along with Mario Run, this proves modern mobile runners have designed levels. The graphics are only a slight 2.5D upgrade over the Genesis classics, it has a story with character dialog from classic and modern Sonic characters, and the game plays fine on my older iPhone 4S ! Also, the interface is reminiscent of Sonic Generations, which solidifies the feel that this is a legit Sonic game. The music is also a slight remix of the original scores. Only 4/5 Stars because the objects on screen at one time are very simplified compared to the classics, but a definite tribute, fairly priced, and fun casual goodness.

All I have to say!

Sonic Runners Adventure is WAY past cool!

This is incredible

Best game on the App Store

Laggy as hell, pauses at random times.

Awesome game overall, but the game keeps pausing mid-run all by itself and throws my run completely off. Not just once. It happens multiple times a run. Always at the worst time ever. Mid jump or before cliffs or spikes or enemies. Insanely aggravating. Also getting really tired of the fact that I keep running into spikes and enemies and off cliffs because jumping is spotty. Sometimes it’s right on point, and other times it’s delayed or flat out won’t register my touch, and I run right off a cliff. A little ridiculous for a paid game...

Poor gameplay

The screen moves by so fast that I can’t really tell what’s going on. It’s not worth the $3 I paid and is a disservice to the original game.

Needs more levels for $3

Took me a few days to beat with all stars in the bank. Fun enough game to play but once you’re done with the 4 short worlds...that’s it. Kind of a rip off for an app you have to pay for.


Fun, fun, FUNNNN!


I want the real sonic runners back

Gameplay is great but...

I did not pay $3 to listen to Green Hill zone. The music of the original Sonic Runners was so freaking amazing and I was excited to hear the menu theme make it into this game. But PLEEEEASE Sega get it through your heads we are tired of Green Hill at the start of ever game. I have heard Green Hill’s theme in so many games and I’m tired of it. I can’t rate lower than 3 stars because the gameplay is both solid and fun. I am struggling however to complete the first world cause I’m so sick of Green Hill’s theme by now.

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